Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moving Out

I moved my stuff out of the desk where I've been since February. The last couple of moves have let me toss some of the more absurd detritus I've collected, but today revealed to me that there was still more to be done.

I found some old files of reports for projects that were cancelled years ago or for people who had moved on some time back. I tossed the project reports and shredded the people reports. I'm down to two bins of crud. I should be able to pare that down to about one small stack of paper that I can scan and keep as PDFs or whatnot sometime.

Some of the training materials that I've kept are for classes that I'm not sure I remember attending, but I got my certificates of completion, so I obviously attended them. I ended up throwing them away. There's not a lot of sense in keeping them at this point.

I'm starting to understand why my grandmother is giving away old photos of people she doesn't remember or places that all start to run together after almost 90 years. Our own memories fade after a while, and those physical reminders almost start to seem like other people's memories.


VetTech said...

I have moved alot... and everytime I am amazed at some of the things I collect. Good Luck!

GDad said...

Thanks. I don't have a new desk yet, but I did find a place to sit.