Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As I was leaving work today, I overheard some men talking about the coming storms.  One indicated that he had just washed his car, and "it never fails."

My thought was that the rain could wash dust off my car, and I hadn't washed my car.  Thanks, anonymous coworker with weather control powers!  Bawk, bawk!


Anonymous said...

When a group of truckers are suddenly confronted by a rainstorm, someone will say on the radio, "Okay,which one of y'all washed your truck?!" Inevitably someone will pipe up, "It was me, sorry about that" and the complaining about the rain will continue until it stops.

(Edited to remove the wirty dords)

GDad said...

I think I'll see if I can resurrect some old superstition, like triskaidekaphobia.