Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When I chatted online with the representative from our teevee manufacturer, which I won't name, but which is a two-letter abbreviation rhyming with Smell Me, the representative, who may be named either "Rodrigo" or perhaps "Heather Murphy," depending on whether I trust the chat screen or the e-mailed transcript, advised me that s/he had set up an appointment with a local authorized repair shop for Tuesday, at some point from 8a-noon. I was to call this shop on Monday to narrow down the timeframe to an hour. I was very pleased with Heather "Rodrigo" Murphy's assistance.

I called the local shop Monday morning. The woman who answered went on a two-minute rant about how the manufacturer should not be giving out times and dates, because they don't run the show, the local shop runs the show, and how dare the manufacturer try to give the customer a real answer, and things were so much better in the old days, and my hip hurts, and those kids are too loud, and what about the Russians?

I asked, "So will someone be coming to my house on Tuesday from 8 to noon? I have arranged for someone to be at my house from 8 to noon for this purpose." The lady didn't need to know that GPop works a late schedule on Tuesdays.

She started to launch into another rant, but I reeled her back in with some murmuring, and she calmed down a bit. She told me that their field rep would call my house "sometime between 9 and 9:30." He would then give me a two-hour window where he would be available to come to my house that day, which is defined for their purposes as running from 9 to 5. My guess is that if he calls between 9 and 9:30, the two-hour window will not be from 9 to 11.

At least the teevee is still under warranty, but now I wonder about the service of the big manufacturer. Should they have promised a time and date? If so, then the little shop is offering pretty cruddy service. If not, then the big manufacturer is offering empty promises. Either way, I'm now a little apprehensive about the experience.

More to follow as events unfold.


Bill said...

Sort of makes you long for a View-Master, doesn't it? About the only thing to worry about is the spring mechanism breaking.

pixnlil said...

So did anyone come out to fix it yesterday?