Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Vampire

One of Mega Corporation One's stated corporate values is a commitment to employees having fun while on the job. Not the silly, care-free fun of the wild abandon of one's youth, but the measured and nuanced fun of shirts and ties.

I just heard two managers speaking in an elevator. They are people who were peers back when I was a manager, before the presto-change-o switcheroo from a while back. I believe them to be intelligent and caring gentlemen.

One of them said, "I explained 'fun' with regard to expectations and appropriate metrics."

I am glad I have the ability to control outbursts of laughter. That and the ability to read handwriting upside-down have served me well these last several years.


Bill said...

Sounds like a barrel of monkeys around there.

GDad said...

But the monkeys are all wearing slacks. And you may not want to link arms with any of them.