Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not a Morning Person

On Thursday mornings, GPop has to get to work early. On the other days of the week, GPop doesn't leave until after Son gets on the bus, so there's some supervision of Son's morning routine - at least enough to make sure Son gets to school. On Thursdays, I take over that task.

This morning, Son's two-part alarm (6:05 = some dipwad radio Morning Zoo type cr@p; 6:10 = loud beeping) went off. Son shut off the beeping after about two beeps. I was already dressed and reclining on the bed, and GPop was getting on his shirt.

GPop: Morning, Son!


GPop: [Walking down the stairs] Be sure to make your bed before you go downstairs.


GPop: Love you too. Bye.

Son: [Trudges into bathroom without making eye contact]

From my bed, I can see down the hall. Son's bedroom door and the bathroom door are opposite each other in the hallway. There was a pause, then some pajamas flew across the hall. I heard some stomping, the clatter of a retainer falling into the cleaning device, and a shower curtain closing. I figured it was safe at this point to go downstairs.


Jen said...

Sounds like most mornings around these parts.

Bill said...

What effrontery! I would never behave like that.
Oh, wait, I did. Typical teenager. Now, oddly enough, I wake up before the sun comes up because I like getting up early. The leopard can change his spots.