Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not Quite What They Wanted

You may recall that while I loathe telemarketers, I do have a soft spot for survey takers. Last night, a woman named Jennifer, or perhaps Rashivani, called with a promise of not selling me anything if I would only answer a few questions about current politics.

GDad: Define a "few." Is it ten questions, or fifty?

Poller: It will take between five and seven minutes of your time.

GDad: That sounds fair. OK, GO!

Poller: I am on the clock. OK, are you or any members of your household employed by a newspaper, television station, political party, political polling firm, marketing research firm, or radio station?

GDad: No.

Poller: OK, Are you registered to vote at this address?

GDad: Yes.

Poller: OK, do you write a politically-themed blog or comment regularly on blogs that have a political theme?

GDad: Yes.

Poller: OK, that's all my questions. Thank you, and have a great night. *CLICK*

GDad; [pouting] Awwww....

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