Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will He or Won't He

GPop and I visited a lawyer today to get our wills done. We had done this before, but we hadn't done a full update since Son joined our family. I know - we're delinquent. In any case, we managed to pick the funniest lawyer on this side of town. He's nothing like the corporate compliance lawyers I deal with. Their body of work tends to suck the fun out of them, even though outside of topical work meetings, they can be fun people.

We mentioned the day that we adopted Son, and mentioned the name of the magistrate that held the hearing. Mr. Lawyerman said, "I didn't know they let him do adoptions. He doesn't exactly exude a kid-friendly vibe. He's more of a CPA."

I replied, "Funny you should mention that. Son is writing a paper in English right now about that day. It's supposed to be descriptive, and he described the magistrate as 'cold and professional."

Mr. Lawyerman said, "I'd go with 'impartial and dispensing justice.'"

"I'll report your edits to Son."


gay CME guy said...

Great, funny story GDad! IT made me smile, not an easy task these days.

GDad said...


Good to see you around! I figured health, work, and other had dropped you out of the blogosphere.