Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blue Ribbon

Son's school was in a drumline competition today. There were nine schools at the competition divided into four divisions, so there was a first place and second place in each division, with one division also having a third place.

"In Division A, academic northern hambone airplane 47 or six to four, first place goes to Oakwood Heights High School."

Son's school won first place in their division. We are so proud.

After the awards ceremony, the kids were all grouped on the bleachers. Several parents were taking pictures, so I joined in. Alpha Mom was giving the kids directions. "OK, now Tyler, you put your hand up like you did in the show. Angela, you smile up at Stewart. Bobbie, hold out your arms toward Andrew."

I waited until she had her picture, then I said, "OK, everyone turn around so we see your backs."

They all did. I took a picture.

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