Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Iowa House of Representatives passed a constitutional amendment to prohibit any recognition of same-sex couples. The Senate seems likely not to take up any such discussion, which may make this a dead issue in this legislative session. One quirk of the Iowa constitution is that amendments must be passed in both houses of the legislature in successive legislative sessions before moving on, so if it dies in the Senate, the opponents will have to start from scratch.

Maybe I should try to enjoy being so incredibly powerful that a state legislature goes into full panic mode to stop my destructive rampage through the fabric of society. Or maybe it just makes me f^(&!ng tired that my family and my life are used as political fodder for ignorant dumb@$$3$ who beat their chests and rant on about how they need to stomp on the heads of good and honest people just to protect themselves from having to acknowledge that the world is not and never will be the way they want it to be.


Mustang Bobby said...

Thanks for the inspiration, GDad, and giving me a great button to a post about the Iowa vote over at my place.

Bill said...

What the...??? I thought this subject had been settled in the Hawkeye State?