Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We had a monthly happy hour this evening, and one of our special guests arrived during the snow storm (!) with the news that her driver's side windshield wiper had fallen off. Playing the Man of Action, I went out to Fix the Problem, which I diagnosed as "mechanical attachment displacement," or "the wiper fell off."

This windshield wiper was slightly more complex that the ones on my car, what with there being three distinct pieces, instead of two, so I examined the passenger side. In the snow. When I poked and prodded at the passenger wiper, it fell off.

Might I mention that this was a Cadillac Catera, so judge the quality for yourself.

I took in both wipers, and after several wise men and women examined them, we ended up putting them on the floor until after the appetizers. Finally, I took another stab at it and figured out that the wipers had to be assembled on the arms, not assembled at the table and snapped on later.

Also, we cogitated for several minutes about the location of the nearest auto parts store until I realized that there were four smart phones at the table with Internet access. Let me clarify that I have not had any alcohol for five years, so that was not the issue. I think it was something to do with the tempus fugit factor.

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