Monday, April 18, 2011


I sent some paperwork off last week that had to be mailed by today. It was not our tax returns, but it's related to the date. I sent it off last week, with the thought that I was well ahead of the deadline.

Of course, I sent it to the same address I used last year, because the web site for this account did not have any information that said otherwise. You can see where this is going. I got the mail returned with a "Forwarding period expired" message.

So at 5:20, I was frantically searching for post offices with late hours. There was one that was 15 minutes away, so I updated the cover letters with the new address and sent them to our printer.

The computer I was using couldn't find the printer on the network. OK, don't panic. Thumb drive to the rescue! Got the letters printed.

Don't have any envelopes. AARRRGGHH!

That's OK, the post office will have them.

There are eight red lights, yes RED lights, not just traffic lights, between me and that post office. That, and lots of cars need to turn left on that route for some reason.

I got to the post office with six minutes to spare, but of course on Tax Day, there was a line. I grabbed a large envelope, addressed it (three pens out of five were out of ink), and then got behind the eleven people who were all very concerned and confused about the concept of a postmark. "Will this be postmarked today?"

But, to their credit, the postal workers were efficient and friendly. I walked out about 45 seconds before they locked the doors.

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