Thursday, May 26, 2011

School Visit

Son's IT Fundamentals teacher indicated that she'd be interested in seeing the arcade machine Son and I assembled, so I arranged with her to bring it in for a show and tell. In order to make the trip a little more productive, I also offered to do a career day presentation about my specific experience in IT as well as related careers.

A couple of observations...

  1. There was a strong gender divide in response when I would ask, "Who wants to play an old-time video game?"
  2. High school sophomores generally, but not universally, do not have an idea what they want to do when they grow up.
  3. Some of the more interesting kids (who might be my subjects in my role as king of the nerds) are actually interested in learning how to tie a bow tie.
  4. Teachers who stand in front of a class and lecture for six hours a day have WAY more stamina than I do right now. I thought I had bruised my feet and come down with strep, but I suspect a night's sleep will correct the issue.
We had a good time, and some of the students seemed to learn something. Plus, the room was across the hallway from the class that used to be called Home Economics, so there was the smell of baking cupcakes around lunchtime.

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Shay said...

The spousal unit, after 23 years in the infantry, has no knees left. How he stands for six class periods on a tile over concrete floor absolutely boggles my mind.