Monday, June 20, 2011

The Boss is Back

Boss went on vacation all last week, but he came back, tanner and happier, this morning.


Shay said...

But are YOU happier that he's back?

GDad said...

Actually, yes. He left me with no assignments other than "cover for this meeting." That was a week of yuck.

Shay said...

hunh. My boss left on vacation with instructions for me to bully the local hospital's chief of pharmacy for an MOU.

But that's okay, I like that sort of thing.

(my word is "porocroc.")

GDad said...

I should clarify. I had other work to do, but the assignment that fell out of covering for that meeting ended up being a week of yuck.

Delegate from VP:
"We need this information NOW!"

Delegate from department with information:
"That information doesn't exist yet."

GDad (in the middle):