Friday, June 3, 2011

The Coffee Conundrum

I joined the Coffee Club at work. In order to join, you bring in a can of coffee, and then you can drink coffee from the team coffee maker until it's your turn to bring more coffee. The rotation is usually a couple of months.

Last Thursday, while I was out, the can of coffee ran out. On Friday, when I returned, I opened the new can. The plastic scoop that had been moved from can to can in the past was missing. Evidently, the person who used the last of the previous can had left it in the can and had thrown it away. I noticed a pack of Dixie cups in the cabinet, so I put one in the can as a substitute scoop.

Of course Monday was a holiday, so on Tuesday, the mother hen of our part of the floor (also the coffee maker owner) came over to make a fresh pot at about 8:30. She opened the can and pulled back in horror. "Where is The Scoop?"

I told her that it was missing when I came back to work on Friday. She asked if I had been the one to put the Dixie cup in the fresh can. I told her that I had, and she looked at me suspiciously. Then she turned back to the can and asked, "Now how am I supposed to measure the coffee?"

I told her that I had used two cups to measure the coffee for the pots I had made, but she didn't look like she wanted to believe me. She measured some, then said, "This doesn't look right." She is a senior developer in IT.

I decided I'd just shut up.

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