Thursday, July 7, 2011


The misspelling in the title is intentional. There was an episode of Corner Gas where the local news rag had a headline proclaiming "HANK IS PHYCIC!"

I got in an elevator the other day with Jerry, a first generation immigrant from China. We nodded, but he was on his cell phone, so we didn't chat. I was prepared to stop on several floors, since we are near the top of the building, and it was time for early birds to start heading home. With an increasing sense of amazement, I watched as we passed all the other floors and got off in the lobby.

The thought ran through my head that Jerry was like one of those little good luck charms people keep on their keychains, but then I realized that I could not say anything of the sort, because of possible issues with A) height, and B) concerns that "lucky" and Chinese tied together could be some kind of stereotype that I am not privileged to use.

It occurred to me then that in an alternate world where psychic powers existed, there could be some powers that the owner may never know he or she had. For example, the power to make elevators pass by floors other than your destination. If you always travelled to the floor you wanted, you may never know that other people get frustrated by the times when an elevator stops at several floors between destinations. Other people who are on elevators generally complain when it happens, but are silent when it doesn't.

I could consider the possibility that my passive psychic power is that batteries in complicated electronic devices tend to drain quite a bit faster when I'm around than when I'm not. Or the one that I once convinced several of my friends that I had - the ability to turn off street lights around myself.

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