Saturday, August 6, 2011

Festival Days of Summer

We went to a Neighboring Town Festival today. It was one of those "just because" annual festivals with no particular theme.

They had the Neighboring Town Queen, and they imported the Tomato Queen from down the highway, the Strawberry Queen from the next county, the Old Fashioned Days Queen from upstate, the Ice Cream Queen, the Beef Queen, the Rhubarb Queen, etc.

The most disturbing was the Moonshine Queen and her junior counterpart, Little Miss Moonshine. I have video proof (pun intended) of this.

Neighboring Town is a hotbed of internecine politics. Check out this picture taken by GPop, because I was too chicken to walk up to the house and snap the shot myself. I love the subject-verb agreement issue and "the" "excessive" "use" of "quotation" "marks" and underlining. Plus, they ran out of room for the queen's name, so they had to tack on an extra board, OR they reuse this sign each year. I'll have to come back next year.

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Anonymous said...

Well they was "unfair" to that "queen" "Alycia" you know! She deserved more punctuation.