Saturday, September 24, 2011

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements

Son's school hosts the annual Small Town Classic, a marching band competition.  This year, they had a need for an announcer.  GPop and I were working at the football game concession stand a few weeks back, and GPop told one of the Band Moms that I could do the job.

So, off I went, attired in my battle armor of bow tie, sport jacket, and fez.  They probably hadn't seen this announcer's uniform before, but I wore it proudly.

Throughout the competition, I was able to observe the performances and hear the comments of several of the judges as they recorded their commentary for the schools.  The head judge sat next to me, and I was able to hear him lend his critiques to the event.  I was pretty impressed with the judges.  Even when they were giving the kids the business for mistakes, they did it in a way that seemed very constructive rather than critical.

Since Our Kids were the hosts, our school performed last.  I had never watched our band from this vantage point before.  My other observations were either at an odd angle or from the concession stand, so this was my first great view.

I was blown away.  These kids are amazingly talented.  Their show ran for about ten minutes, and the first seven minutes of the judges' commentary seemed to be variations on, "Great job!  You guys are AWESOME!  We love you!"  At about seven minutes in, there was a comment to the effect of, "Sometimes that move can look a little sloppy, but you guys pulled it out in the end.  Way to go!"  Then it was back to, "We love you!"

I started to tear up a little, I was so proud.

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