Thursday, September 22, 2011

Those Complaint Sites

I just spent about 45 minutes doing a spot check of some of those web sites that collect rants from angry people about poor service or products or whatever.  The sites make me sad, because a fair portion (I'll tentatively claim "majority," but I did not actually pull a representative sample.) of the complaints appear to be from people who are scarily ill-informed about how the modern world works.

I get that sometimes people sputter Angrish when confronted with bad service, but it astounds me that people would write such incoherent rants that we, the readers, start to root for the companies in question.

Especially alarming were the stories of people who were upset that they had spent money on psychic readings and had not gotten a good value for the cash.  That's pretty pleonastic in my book.  Redundant, even.

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