Wednesday, November 9, 2011

School for Another Year

Our school district levy passed by about 50 votes, which is the number by which it failed last time.  This means that we don't need to fire 75 more staff next year.  That's 75 staff across a school district with 3500 kids, K-12.  That's also after having fired 50 staff this year.  In the metro area, our school district is second from the bottom (of ~12 districts) in expenditures per pupil as is.

That means that of the ~6500 votes cast, almost 3250 people were willing to sacrifice a significant quality of education for our students.

Of course, I take my voting seriously.  About a month before an election, I print a sample ballot and then read up on the issues and candidates.  I was a bit alarmed by the mid-40s woman who followed me in the polling place and told the poll workers, "I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to vote.  How long is a voter's registration good before it expires?  I voted a few years ago, but my neighbor across the street told me I could vote here."

Well-informed populace, indeed.

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