Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dream Sue-age

When I first started at Mega Corporation One, I worked with a very soft-spoken woman we'll call Guinevere.  She was, and still is, a single mom living about 30 miles in out from Capital City in what most people would call the boonies, but which I call "a little bit out from where I live."  We got shuffled around, and I sort of lost track of what she was doing for a while.

A few years back, she had a bad time of it where she got increasingly convinced that things were happening that nobody else could perceive, and she ended up taking some time off to deal with the issue.  I'm pleased to report that she has resumed working at Mega Corporation One, albeit in a different role and in a department well removed from where she was before.

Last night, I dreamed that she called me on my cell phone.  She chatted about the weather or whatever for a moment, then informed me that she was billing me for $50,000.  She wouldn't say for what, but she was making it sound like some sort of legal threat.  I distinctly remember writing the details on a yellow program from some concert.

I was pretty disturbed by this when I woke up.

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Shay said...

You need to stop eating Cheetoh's just before bedtime.