Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Only Water in the Forest is the River

The other day, neighbor Rusty called me to ask for my help in getting his new Blu-Ray player attached to his home network, because he signed up for Netflix, and he wants to be able to stream to his teevee in addition to watching movies on his laptop.  I went over, thinking it would be a quick job, as I always think, erroneously, when I go over to Rusty's to help with "computer" things.

I was the one that set up his wireless network, so it should have been pretty easy - connect the player to the wi-fi network with the right password, and then connect it to the Netflix account, right?  Well, that would be true if the Blu-Ray player had the wi-fi hardware built in.  It did not, but you could buy a USB adapter for only $49.99!  I went ho0me and grabbed a USB wi-fi doodad from my own collection, but that didn't work.  Of course.

Rusty let me off the hook for a while and went out to run errands, which included giving an earful to the sales drones at the place where he bought the device.   I went home and advised him to call me when he got the right hardware.

Later that evening, he called to let me know that he had acquired the right thing.  It was a pair of devices that connect wiredly to the router and to the Blu-Ray player and wirelessly between them.  A few minutes later, we had the whole thing up and running.

Then Rusty asked me if everyone else was home.  I indicated that they were, and he said that he needed to get something over to my house.  I was a bit suspicious of the end result, but I accompanied him back to my house, with him carrying a mysterious package.

We got into the house, and Rusty unveiled an inflatable canoe that he found on some auction site for a few bucks.  He wants us to use it in the new pond.  I think we should go out looking for a narcoleptic Peruvian.

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