Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Overtime vertime time ime

Son, by virtue of being in the marching band, is also in the basketball pep band.  They are to play at the half and end of the JV games and the beginning and end of the varsity games.  Tonight, I sat up waiting for him to get home.  At 9:30, which is when our household starts winding down for bed, I texted him to ask him when he'd be home.  Then I waited.

Around 9:45 I got a text that the battery in the truck was dead and that he needed a jump.  The school is two miles as the crow flies, but about six miles as the wolf walks, and those six miles involve traffic lights.  When I got there, Son and Ashton were sitting in the car.  Son had been planning to give Ashton a ride home.  Ashton lives about a half mile from the school, and Ashton's mom showed up just as I did, but evidently, she "doesn't jump cars."

Now he's finally in bed, and I'm planning to copy my roadside assistance card tomorrow.

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