Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Monday

The local big-box-not-Wal-de-Mart store is a 24/7 place.  On Monday mornings, I stop by to pick up a batch of bagels for the week's breakfast at work.  There is a guy who mans the self-checkout lanes whose nametag reads John C.  I believe the C stands for Cloudcuckoolander.

Last week's John C. rambling was about lotteries and odds of winning and such.  This week's thought excursion was a treatise on why he wanted to have a milkshake made with eggs, which are the only source of protein which the body can completely absorb, and this sort of milkshake will help him bulk up, because he needs to get more muscular, but I, the customer, look like I could just bulk up by walking past a weight bench, and boy is it nice that the weather has turned warm, but the rain forecast is a bit dreary, even though we had a great day yesterday, what with the sun and warmth, and hey where are you... have a great day!

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