Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trap, Again

Yesterday, I approached the elevator bank in our building.  As I walked up, an elevator was closing.  Just before the doors shut, an orange rubber ball rolled out into the lobby.  I muttered, "It's a trap!" then I picked it up and put it on, but not in, a trash can.

I got into the next elevator with a stern looking woman.  A guy approached and got on the elevator before the doors closed.  He looked at me and inquired, "What was that ball for?"

I replied, "It came out of the previous elevator.  I think it was a trap, like the time I found the gold-wrapped candy bar."  He laughed, but looked slightly concerned at my sanity.  I love messing with the norms, and one of the tools in that particular toolbox of madness is mentioning Noodle Incidents to people with no contextual background.

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