Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Could Really Be a Beau Brummel, Baby

We went out to see John Carter this afternoon.  Son got some movie passes for completing a driver safety online course suggested by my insurance company for teen drivers, and they expire in a few months, so we decided to use them on a family movie.  Each pass was good for "up to $12" per ticket, one pass per ticket.  At this theater, for a 3D movie, the tickets were $11.50.  Crikey.

Son has recently discovered that dressing up has some benefits - namely, people tend to take you a bit more seriously.  Book by its cover and all.  So even though we were simply going out to a movie and a late lunch, no dates or romance, Son decided to go full black suit, vest, and tie.  He looked quite dashing.

That being said, Son did take a 30-minute shower, depleted the hot water, and kept deferring a response to "take out the trash" until he had finished his multistage primping.  GPop was ready to burst a blood vessel about the trash, but to his credit, he didn't yell.

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