Monday, April 16, 2012

Son's Thanks

Son's English class read The Last Lecture, and the teacher gave them a multipart assignment to create a portfolio of short essays around the topic of memento mori.  One of the short essays was a eulogy.  Son wrote it as though I were speaking the eulogy at his funeral.  I joked with him that some of the less astute "left-enders" would probably write a eulogy in the first person.  He graciously chuckled.

Later in the portfolio, I ran across two thank-you notes from him to GPop and me.  He wrote that he was grateful that we had given him a stable, loving family, and that he just wanted us to know.  He told me after I wiped away something that got in my eye that he had always written thank-you notes to people who had given him gifts for gift-giving occasions, but that he had never written one to GPop and me yet.

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