Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Gardener

Our house is an old farm house that is pretty close to our road.  There used to be a blue spruce between us and the road, but something did it in, and we had it taken down last year.  When it was up, grass wouldn't grow underneath it, what with it being an evergreen and all, so we put down mulch and bulb flowers for pretty much the entirety of our "front yard."

Now that the tree is gone, we decided to plant grass back in that area, so we raked up the old mulch and moved it to another part of the flower bed, and then planted grass seed.  There had been a border made of various cobble and small boulder sized stones around the edge, so I had to move all of those.  GPop rototilled, then we planted the grass and raked it in.

Now we are sore.

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