Friday, May 25, 2012

IMs of the Weird - Brother 1 Edition

GDad: Will check on availability of us for Niece's dance recital.

Brother 1: OK. I won't be offended if you don't go. Last year, it was three hours long.  It was at the high school. I was commiserating with OldFriend Teacher about the length of the event (his daughters take lessons at the same studio), and he suggested that I go to his office and take a nap next time.

GDad: Do they have defibrillators to restart people when they expire?

Brother 1: If you don't snore loudly, you could probably get away with sleeping.  Probably. Can you die from boredom?

GDad: I believe it's a slow death from ennuitis.  Although it would be hilarious for "death by boredom" to be sudden and violent.

Brother 1: ennuitis: Inflammation of the boredom.

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