Sunday, June 17, 2012

Party Hearty

GPop and I attended a pre-Pride get-together (look at all them en-dashes) at a friend's (Firebunny) boyfriend's (DoubleG) house.  So, the relationship diagram.  Single lines are friend/work relationships, and double lines are romantic entanglements.  There were a lot of Br[iy(ey)][aoe]ns there that night for some reason.

(Click to embiggen)

The next day, we got a text from Firebunny telling us that he was glad we were able to attend.  He's still fairly new to this relationship, so he was glad to have some of "his" friends there.  You know the drill - my friends, your friends, our friends.


Part of the text was the statement that people were remarking on how "nice" GPop and I were.  First, that's a great compliment.  Second, it makes me sad that my normal party behavior is noteworthy for being nice.  Or perhaps it was just a way of saying, "Boy, compared to the rest of us, those two were hideous, but they were nice."

Either way, it was a fun time.

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