Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Tie

Probably close to twenty years ago, I was working in a mall in a home computer software specialty store.  This was back in the pre-John Hodgeman PC-vs-Mac days.  We had a DOS section, a Windows section, a Macintosh section, an Amiga section, and even an Other section with some Atari ST stuff in it.  Ah, the good old days...

One day, when I was either the assistant manager or the store manager, I was responsible for being present during a store inventory coordinated by the home office.  I got there at 4:00am, or whatever, and waited while the RGIS Borgs with their little keypads to count and record every item in the store.  They finished up around 6:00.  I was to open the store, and I had brought my change of clothes, but I realized when I changed that I had forgotten my tie.

I panicked a bit, because the new corporate policy dictated ties, and because Inventory Day usually meant a visit from the District Manager.  I ran out to my car and drove to the nearest 24-hour superstore.  When I found the men's department, I grabbed the first tie I saw on the rack and ran up to the checkout line.

Made it!

I still have that tie, and it looks as new as the day I bought it.  I get more compliments about that tie than any other tie I own, although my bow tie collection probably gets more remarks as a category.

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GPop said...

That is my favorite tie too! You're good under pressure! You should shop in a blind panic more often!