Friday, July 6, 2012

Libruhl Agenduh*

If we let same-sex marriage become the law of the land, then our kids will be forced to learn about same-sex households in school.

The schools may also force our kids to learn that 'Mericuh was founded back in "The Age of Enlightenment" instead of in 1950 by Ronald Reagan to fight the commies.

The schools will also shove down the throats of our kids this garbage about al-gebra.  Isn't that Ay-rab language?

*Interestingly, my browser's spellchecker catches "Libruhl" as a misspelling, but not "Agenduh."  I suspect it's because I didn't hit [space] to indicate the word boundary.


flask said...

iff'n we don't kill tha gays now, are children might see em inna street er sumthin an we might could hafta splain they's folk like that.

an that is just wrong.

only parents should decide whut kinda people are kids should know exist.

god bless murika.

GDad said...

You, flask, are a much better Poe than I.

Shay said...

You've been reading the Texas Republican Party's platform again, haven't you.

Have a couple of snorts and call me in the morning.