Friday, July 27, 2012

The HR Wave

People sometimes refer to this as "the HR wave."

Scene: a meeting room yesterday around a table with several people who have likely never met.

Facilitator:  Let's go around the table and introduce ourselves.  Tell us your name, your job title, your department, how long you've been at Mega Corporation One, and an interesting fact about yourself.

Person 1:  Hi, I'm Jane Doe.  I'm a Systems Architect for the FrobnoTech Product systems area.  I've been at MCO for 12 years, and I'm going to Maui next week.

Person 2:  Hello, my name is Deepak Balasubramanian.  I'm a development manager for the Corporate Applications and Vending Machine department.  I have been at MCO for 5 years, and I just finished my MBA.

GDad:  Hi!  I'm GDad Lastname.  I'm an IT Business Consultant in the MacroMiniCom Department under Michael Nom de Plume.  I've been at Mega Corporation One for 14 years, five weeks, and three and a half days, but who's counting?  I was once mistaken for a mannequin, and everyone in my household is currently learning to fly airplanes.

Nobody ever believes me.

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