Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Meeting Minutes

We had a large meeting today, and the facilitator asked me to take minutes.  I enjoy taking minutes, because without that focus, I can easily zone out into hyperspace.  However, this meeting required a little extra focus, due to it having "less of an energetic agenda" than some.

In order to stave off the cold hand of death from boredom, I started hyperlinking out to web sites in the meeting minutes.  At first, during the "What I did over the summer" part of the meeting, I simply linked to wherever people went on vacation, mostly to lull people into a false sense of security.  After that, I editorialized.  For example, mention of one particular activity linked to the Wikipedia article for Sisyphus.  A mention of our director working with another director linked to a DC page for Batman and Robin.  The words "project estimation process..."  Well, you get the idea.

Reading the text would give you a professional accounting of the minutes.  Interestingly once I sent out the minutes, my team was howling with laughter.  The other team that attended the meeting evidently did not choose to follow any of the links, as I received no feedback from them regarding the information.


Alice said...

my stupid wild ass guess would be . . . no sense of humor or imagination!

GDad said...


Dave said...

That is awesome!
(I haven't been here forever-you've been blocked from my 9-2-5 day)