Monday, August 6, 2012

Son's Monday Saga

This summer, Son is responsible for getting himself to band practice.  For several weeks, they've been practicing 9:00 to noon each weekday, with some variations.  This is a nice way for Son to have some of that freedom to make his own decisions about timing and such without the penalties of getting detentions for lateness or whatnot.

Many days, I will get a frantic phone call around 8:30.  "Dad, I don't have anything to wear!"  I will respond by describing where some clothes are (on top of his dresser) or perhaps advise him to grab some of my gym shorts (as I am the largest in the house, everyone can fit into my clothes, but the reverse is not true).  This usually solves the immediate problem, but in the spirit of "teach a man to fish," I tried something new last night.

I had Son join me in my bedroom and sit ON MY BED to watch me fold clean laundry, so he could see WITH HIS OWN EYES that he had clean clothes to wear for band practice.  In order for this not to seem like some underhanded trick, I primed the conversational pump with some thoughts about video games, and Son took off with the narrative whilst I folded the clothes.  When all was said (by him) and done (by me), I pointed out that there were at least four clean outfits visible without lifting anything or looking in his dresser, and that I may have more folded before bedtime.  He acknowledged this, and we put our respective clothes away.

Fast forward to this morning.

Coworker Kevin: motorcycle.  And I even got the helmet along with it!

GDad: Sounds like you got a great deal.  Maybe on Friday, we can ride in and form a gang...


GDad:  Oh, this is Son.

[Now, dear reader, you think you know where this is going, but you don't.]

GDad: Hello?

Son:  Dad, I can't find my wallet and my keys.

GDad: [facepalm]

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