Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Support the CAUCE

GDad: ...which is why pretty much everyone today who calls your house or cell phone with some kind of pitch is a criminal.

Son:  I sort of already figured that out, but thanks.


GDad:  That's either GPop or a startling coincidence.  [picks up phone]

Phone:  Do not hang up; this is not a sales call.  The FBI reports that a home break-in occurs every 42 seconds.  You have been selected to receive a free security system.  Press 1 to speak with a live representative.

GDad: [Presses 1]

Phone:  Con-graaaaat-ulations!  This is Dennis.  You've been selected

GDad: [interrupting]  Tell me Dennis, how is this not a sales call?

Dennis:  Because your mom gave me a b___ j__.  [hangs up]

GDad:  I rest my case.

CAUCE supports consumers' rights to be free of unsolicited intrusions into their home in the form of unwanted e-mail. Check them out.  Also check out the Do Not Call list, if you are a US resident.