Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Ride

GPop is still working stupid hours, so since Florida Grandma has been telling me for nine months that she and Florida Grandpa are coming up at the end of August for my cousin's wedding, I decided to take Son up for the 140 mile trip to Dad's.  Son wanted to ride motorcycles up there, and since the weather looked to be very cooperative, I agreed.

Son rides a Honda Rebel, which is a 250cc-class cruiser, but he thinks it's way too small for him, and he complains occasionally, until I snap at him that he doesn't need to continue having a motorcycle that is registered in my name, and then he shuts up about it.  However, I do indulge him sometimes, and on longer trips, I'll swap out with him.  So we start at about mile marker 80, and we go to mile marker 220.  The non-interstate portion is negligible, so let's call it 140 miles.  At mile mile marker 130, Son indicated he wanted to switch, so I told him that I would for 30 miles.  When we got on the road, I waved him ahead so he could lead.

At about mile 163, I pulled ahead of him so I could lead us off the highway at 165 for gas.  When we pulled up to the pump, Son noticed that his bike that I was riding was missing its license plate.  He said that he'd seen it dangling by one screw earlier, so it had been there somewhere around mile 135.  I started to ask why he didn't say anything earlier, but then I decided just to deal with it.  Since Son is on the 90-day hold-open for his accident, I decided that I would rather get the ding on my record if we were pulled over than having him get his license suspended, so I rode the bike.

We stopped at the state highway patrol office at exit 169 and went into the super-secure bulletproof 8'x8' kiosk and spoke to the hidden guy (presumably) behind the two-way mirrored window.  I explained the situation and asked what I could do to avoid being pulled over.  He said, "Well it's the weekend.  You'll probably get pulled over and delayed.  You should be OK as long as the bike isn't stolen and you have the registration."  I asked if he could give me a note or something, and he told me that he wouldn't.

No, we didn't get pulled over there or back.

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