Sunday, September 23, 2012

Corporate Creepy

Mega Corporation One has a new advertising campaign that is supposed to tie our current strategic direction to our corporate roots.  You know, because our actual history is discontinuous.  Stupid time machines.

Anyway, the internal advertising for the campaign is in the form of, well, everything.  Remember the movie with Tom Cruise where he had to switch eyeballs so the advertising gizmos couldn't identify him by his retinal scan?  That's the level of advertising we are seeing with this campaign.  On my desk is a little standee that tells me what to think about the campaign.  It has four parts.

Part 1 - Plain text on a white background.  This is for the textual learners who don't care much for frippery.  FRIPPERY - BOOOOOO!

Part 2 - Corporate logo on a cool, relaxing, color-coordinated background.  There are some nonsensical marketing statements on this side.

Part 3 - A warm, orange-and-brown-based picture of two friends jogging and smiling.  That right there shows the problem with marketing pieces.  I dare you to find one out of a hundred joggers you see on the street who are smiling.

Part 4 - A list, with brief descriptions, of what this marketing campaign is trying to portray us as being.  Authentic, Thoughtful, etc.  Then we get to Maternal.  Maternal?  My mind is boggling with Freudian implications.  Regressing, regressing....

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