Friday, September 21, 2012

Weather vs. Mood

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the past week or so.  I mentioned looking at the moon with my telescope and such, and it's been gorgeous.

My mood, however...

Son is 17.  He knows absolutely everything, and he is not shy about explaining exactly why GPop and I are full of cr@p.  Every parent of every teen ever has probably been through the same issues, but this is close to home.  I love my son dearly, and I can only slog through this until he emerges as the adult he will be.

My grandmother in Florida just told me that it's about time for her and Grandpa to move into a senior independent living facility, which can then transition to assisted living.  This is a bit of memento mori that I was hoping to avoid for a while.  I called her last night and had a nice talk.  She wants me to come down and dig through all of her stuff to claim anything that I find meaningful.  If I hadn't mentioned it before, Grandpa is step-grandfather.  My paternal grandfather died 30 years ago.  Grandma got remarried soon after to this man, who had recently lost his wife.  They've been happily married ever since.  In fact, they've lived in Florida for at least 25 years.  When they sold their respective houses and moved to Florida, they asked my parents and uncles and aunts to claim anything they wanted.  I need to process how to handle this.

The trip to New York cost more than I'd like.  I have always tried to be fiscally responsible, and carrying some of that debt bugs me to no end.

On the other hand, I am reasonably healthy, I get along with people, and again, the weather is nice.

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