Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Is This so Hard?

Waiter:  ...and do you want the minestrone or the Italian wedding soup with that?

Me: Surprise me.

Waiter:  What?

Me: Surprise me.  I like them both, and there are only two options.  Just bring me whichever one you want.

Waiter:  Ummm....

Me:  Trust me.  It will be OK.


flask said...

i favorite way to order is to go into a place and ask if chef would like to choose for me what's best today.

sometimes they're good for it, but i don;t insist if they don;t want to play.

the wait staff and the cooks know what the best things on the menu are, and they know what's especially good TODAY.

and if they have pide in their place, they will want me to have the thing that best represents their work, their town, or their region.

especially if i tell them i am passing through and if i'm only going to eat here once, what should i get.

it means that i have to actually get what they recommend, but it's an adventure.

GDad said...

I'll try that next time I actually AM passing through somewhere.