Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Auto "Correct"

My phone tells me that when I fat-fingered "are" as "sre" that I really wanted "Srebenica."

Yes.  That is what I wanted, Messaging Application on Android.  Thank you for your efforts.


Alice said...

A good friend of mine, (with the worst case of dyslexia the state of Massachusetts had ever seen), used spell check as "gospel" Not good when you are trying to write a Master thesis and want the word PENCIL and it gives you PENILE.
She could not see the difference -- in the least!

GDad said...

I once read a blog comment that I can't find any more about a professor who was teaching a class where s/he had to mention "self defense" many times. Each time s/he mentioned it, s/he said "suicide" instead. None of the students reacted, but after class, a student came up and asked a question, and when the professor realized what had happened and corrected the student's notes, the student said, "That makes a lot more sense."

Shay said...

I hate hate hate my new smartphone but the county won't give me my Blackberry back.

Technology is rarely your friend.