Monday, November 26, 2012

Day Four - No Coffee

I awake, groggy from the dwindling supply in my veins of that which supports my thoughts and actions through the day... that vaprous puissance which wafts from the decanter through the air to my quavering nostrils... and yet, I must rise.

My arrival at my workplace is usually conjoined with the preparation of that delicious elixir from which so many draw their aptitude, yet today, I must not submit to its pertinacious seduction.  I must persevere.

The machine...  Oh that infernal steaming contraption...  It sits patiently waiting for the next person who will activate its rattling mechanism.  My faculties left me, and I prepared the machine for action, but I resisted the final step and did not start its machinations.  How it mocks me, sitting there serenely...


1 comment:

Alice said...

It's Lent already??!!!
what happened to
Mardi Gras??????
I don't remember!