Friday, November 9, 2012

Just Can't Tell

Small City, where I live, has a government service where residents can pile leaves at the curb or in the ditch (depending on one's in-town or slightly-more-rural status), and a big truck will come and suck all of the leaves away about once every week or ten days in the fall.  The service appears to run from roughly late September to early December, so it covers the full leaf-dropping season.

My own street seems to be slightly more blue than red, politically, but there are a couple of houses with prominent signs for the Republican candidates for office, and it amused me that the one house with the most signs for the most right-wing candidates was the same house that had the most leaves in the ditch on Monday before Election Day.  I wasn't sure if the house in question knew that these candidates advocate for reduction in government services, or whether they didn't care, or if it was "OK for me, but not for thee," or what.

Maybe, in some brief non-political period, I can try to ask some of these folks what they think about these issues.

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Alice said...

Oh my, you just brought a long lost memory back.

When we lived in LA county, the residential area was so dense that the voting was done not only in court houses and schools, (then with school in session--there were of course NO child molesters then--Right?), but in people's houses on each block too!