Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Son's Older Brother

Son's Older Brother has been something of a problem.

Long-time readers will recall that we tried to adopt him when he was sixteen, but he backed out at the last minute, because he listened to his clingy fifteen year old girlfriend who threatened to kill herself if he moved a half hour away.

You may also recall when he was living with that girl's family after he turned 18, and after he had, without fanfare, moved out of his foster dad's house and dropped out of high school, been kicked out of her house for being too much trouble.  We gave him a place to live with the stipulation that he get a job or get into some program to get trained for employment.  He decided that our rules were too draconian after about 36 hours.  Son was devastated when Son's Older Brother left that night.

Fast forward to a couple more times of being trouble.

A few weeks back, Son's Older Brother contacted me.  He told me that he was living with a girl, and that she was about ready to kick him out.  I won't put too many details out, but he advised me that he had burned all of his other bridges, and I was the last person he could think of that could offer advice.  I told him that I wasn't giving him any money, and that he couldn't come to live with us.  He told me that he wasn't expecting any such favors, but I think he may have been.

After some back-and-forth, I discovered a relative who had commented on one of his Woe Is Me Facebook postings, and that relative mentioned something about offering a place if Son's Older Brother could come up to visit.  I suggested that, and there was a lot of foot dragging, but eventually he agreed to contact her.

Several days passed where Son's Older Brother kept claiming he was almost ready to go to New Hampshire to live with this relative, but something kept coming up to stand in his way.  Finally, he was ready, but Hurricane Sandy had closed the route.  A few more days, and the stars aligned.  I picked him up, bought him lunch, a duffel bag, and a Greyhound ticket, and sat with him at the station until the bus came.

This is the young man in question.  All of his worldly possessions are in the bags he has on his person.  He is hoping to start a new life.  Good luck.

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Shay said...

Lots of construction and clean-up jobs up there right now. Hope he's serious.