Friday, April 19, 2013

Joe the Dumber

Remember that flash-in-the-pan political nonentity, Joe the Plumber?  He is known in real life as Samuel Wurzelbacher.  In any case, his name is attached to some TEA Party web site where a bunch of angry and reactionary  people post screeds about how kids should turn down their music and how darker people should stay off the streets so us nice pale folks don't have to think about them.  Someone put my name on a list to receive his daily digest e-mail.

Great.  Thanks.

Yesterday, Joe the Plumber's digest had the usual effluvia, but I clicked on one or two of the links, because this helps me predict what nonsense I will hear from the usual suspects at upcoming family gatherings.  The content of the article is not really important, either for the purposes of my observation or in general, but the thing that amused me was that Joe the Plumber misspelled his own name in his sign-off.

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