Thursday, May 2, 2013

Last Night's Dream

I woke myself up laughing at my dream.

In the dream, GPop and I were sitting on the grass in a park, and an old acquaintance, David, walked up and joined us.  He had a big rash on his face, and he looked distressed.  He asked us, "Do I have a fever?"

GPop reached his fingers over and put two of them almost in David's nostrils, then said, "I think you have Bieber fever."

I looked at David and said, "I think you have the fever for the flavor of a Pringles!"  I noticed a snack bar next to me and grabbed the nearest Pringles can.  I squeezed it while pointing it toward David.  The lid popped off the can, and David's head disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving the neck of his shirt open.

I thought this was so funny that I woke myself up laughing.

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Shay said...

What have you been snacking on before bedtime?