Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Coffee Chaos

The Coffee Hen arrives on the later end of the Acceptable Window for Flexible Corporate Schedules.  I arrive very early in the morning, so I usually have a pot of coffee ready to be poured by 6:45, and my last cup around 8:00.  The coffee maker has a timer or something that shuts it off after so much time so that it doesn't burn out or burn the coffee or something.  Generally, this means that my last cup is within the "on" part of the cycle, and Coffee Hen's first cup is in the "off" part of the cycle.

She instructed me today that I needed to shut off and turn back on the coffee maker before she gets in so that her cup of coffee is hot.  Keep in mind that I have purchased the last four cans of coffee and the last two boxes of filters, and that I make the first pot of coffee almost every morning and clean out the pot, because the afternoon drinkers do not.



flask said...

hit her with a shovel.

wxhead said...

Tell her to nuke it. That's no worse than drinking old burnt coffee.

GDad said...

I like the shovel part.

We do have microwaves on the floor, so it's not as though she couldn't just wander over and heat up her cup.