Saturday, August 10, 2013


From a therapy session in my psych ward...

Therapist:  In recreational group today, we're doing origami.

GDad:  Origami?  I hardly even know her!


Alice said...

gonna know her a lot better now!

flask said...

if you need tips about how to be a troublemaker on a psych ward, i'm your girl.

try getting hold of a dry erase marker ad inserting "introduction to french existentialism" on the schedule between "goal setting" and "outside walk (level !)/ seated yoga" on the schedule.

put an out of order sign on the staff entrance. you know, the double-locked door that needs a key that patients aren't allowed to look at?

only for advanced players: steal the staff nametags. wear them in full view on your person but do not use them.